Kirkuk Foundation for Education and Humanitarian Aid

“Kirkuk Foundation for Education and Humanitarian Assistance provides education, training, and humanitarian aid services to the most vulnerable populations in Kirkuk and the surrounding areas.”

The head of the institution

Head of the foundation

Welcome to Kirkuk Foundation for Education and Humanitarian Assistance's website, founded in 2019 under the leadership of Ms. Jumbot Koychi. The foundation is committed to providing education and humanitarian aid to the communities it serves, working hard to achieve the empowerment of individuals and communities through education. We are proud to lead the foundation with passion and dedication to achieve its noble mission

Jumbut Kuzechie

President of the foundation

Services of the foundation

Educational courses

Providing learning and educational opportunities for individuals who seek to develop their skills and increase their opportunities in life. This includes providing various educational courses, such as computer courses, language courses, administrative skills courses, and more

Language strengthening courses

Providing courses to learn and improve English and other languages for individuals who seek to increase their job opportunities or enhance their communication skills. These courses include training on vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and writing

Providing humanitarian aid

The organization provides humanitarian aid to individuals and families who are experiencing difficult circumstances. The organization's team distributes food items and other essential goods to individuals in need in the affected areas

Activities and Events

Fundraising and sending donations to those affected by earthquakes.

This morning, Saturday, corresponding to 11/2/2020, the President of the Kirkuk Foundation for Education and Humanitarian Aid, Mrs. Jumbot Kozaji, visited the President of the Kirkuk Chamber of Commerce

Visit of the members of the (Warriors Association) headed by (Yashar Al-Wandawi Brigade)

Opinions were exchanged between both parties for the sake of the people of Kirkuk. I appreciate and respect the Warriors Association always being beside our institution, the Hand of Goodness and Aid

Distribution of some gifts to the volunteer lecturers.

Distribution of gifts to students and their parents with valuable guidance to improve the education level of our children. Some gifts were also distributed to volunteer lecturers. We thank everyone for their presence

Photos of the organization

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